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The current issue is: Descent (237) for April/May 2014

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Stormy to Nettlebed
Stormy Pot connected to Nettlebed: a major New Zealand trip through Mt Arthur

A Game of Rocks
The discovery of Jenga Pot


Cave Access – out in the open
Do we or don't we have access to caves, by right?

Gear Review
The Earthworm
A new caver-designed headlight

The Ghost of Ma On Shan
Seeking out the underground, wherever you may be

Write it Down!
Subterranean Games
It's no wonder that non-cavers think we're strange ...

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Cover:  Kieran McKay in the Nettlebed system, New Zealand. Photo: Neil Silverwood

Back cover rollover: Chris Jewell diving in Sump 6 (top), Helen Warren on the Greasy Chimney and Henry Dawson on the polished rock of The Landing in Swildon’s Hole. Photos: Stu Gardiner

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