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The Boys in the Cave
  • The Boys in the Cave

The Boys in the Cave


The Boys in the Cave by Matt Gutman is about the incredible cave rescue that involved British cave divers in Thailand in 2018.


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The Boys in the Cave

The Boys in the Cave by Matt Gutman, subtitled 'Deep inside the impossible rescue in Thailand', is the winner of the race to be the first book on the rescue to reach the UK market. Gutman is the ABC News chief national correspondent, reporting for programmes such as Good Morning America and Nightline in the USA (which gives the book an American bias).

The circumstances surrounding the rescue by the international diving team that drew so immensely upon the BCRC personnel and divers in the UK is covered in detail in Descent issues (263), (264), (265) and (266). Gutman's story covers the same timeline, from the background to the flood and entrapment, to the miraculous rescue. Published by William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins, the book's advance publicity states that The Boys in the Cave:

'Reveals exclusive details about the massive international rescue effort, how the boys survived, and the courageous rescuers who reunited them with their parents. Gutman spent hundreds of hours interviewing rescuers, experts and the boys themselves. The book breaks new ground on the failed plans and mistakes that nearly doomed the mission, the heroism of the international divers, the U.S. Air Force Special Tactics team and the Thai Navy Seals. It examines the boys' controversial sedation, the role mediation played, and the innumerable close calls that have never been reported.'

Readers must judge for themselves how many of the claims for the content are fulfilled, but whatever the case this book will prove of great interest to all cavers who have followed the story ... and a revelation to those who did not.

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Matt Gutman
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29 November 2018
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