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International photo meetings: three issue set
  • International photo meetings: three issue set
  • Descent (223): 2011 meeting
  • Descent (238): 2013 meeting
  • Descent (247): 2015 meeting

Descent set: Cave Photography meetings


Descent set of three issues: the First, Second and Third International Meeting of Cave Photographers covered in photographic depth!

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Descent set

The First, Second and Third International Meetings of Cave Photographers

Descent sets are ideal for research and to add to your collection. This set includes the bonus-page issues (223), (238) and (247), covering the first three International Meetings of Cave Photographers. The meetings were held in France in 2011, on the border of Italy and Slovenia in 2013 and in Turkey in 2015. Each issue devoted extra pages to the event, making them image-rich indeed and spectacular editions to show what can be achieved with an underground camera in the hands of some of the world's top cave photographers. A book about the first meeting is also available.

These three issues would normally cost £6.95 x 3 = £20.85. However, this Descent set will cost you only £16, and that's with UK postage included (see the options for costs for posting overseas; the higher price is to account for actual additional postage costs).

To find what else appeared in those issues, use the links from the issue numbers above. Descent sets are also available in complete years and if there are other topics than those already on offer that you would like to see included in our Descent sets, please let us know.

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December 2011, June 2013 and December 2015
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Set of 3: (223), (238) and (247)

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