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Classic Darksite Diving
  • Classic Darksite Diving

Classic Darksite Diving


A guide to dive sites in caves and mines throughout Britain and Europe, by Martyn Farr

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Classic Darksite Diving

From the cover

Classic Darksite Diving is the companion volume to Martyn Farr’s globally acclaimed manual of cave diving, Diving in Darkness. While its predecessor covers the techniques required to safely dive beneath an overhead environment, Classic Darksite Diving presents practical information on undertaking dives in carefully selected caves and mines in the UK and across Europe.

Gathered together in this concise but readable guidebook are details of 140 classic, popular and accessible dive sites that are suited to a wide range of abilities. Included are their precise locations, history of exploration, useful contacts and – most importantly – what each dive entails, from the preferred equipment to the dive length, depth and water conditions.

Lavishly illustrated with photographs and surveys, Classic Darksite Diving provides the essential information you need to enjoy many varied and safe dives in the exciting realm of cavern and cave diving. A spectacular underground world awaits you.

For the companion title: Diving in Darkness

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Martyn Farr
17cm x 24.5cm
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300 photographs, surveys and maps, in colour
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Laminated cover

Key to symbols

Section 1: UK
Cavern Diving
Sea Caves of South Cornwall
Mines of the Forest of Dean
Cumbria: Hodge Close Slate Mine
Peak District: Holme Bank Chert Mine
Scotland: Roscobie Limestone Mine
St Kilda
Wales: Cambrian Slate Mine
    Dinas Silica Mine
    Llygad Llwchwr
    Porth yr Ogof
    White Lady Cave
Yorkshire Dales: Hurtle Pot
    Joint Hole

Section 2: Europe
Cavern and Cave Diving
France: Caves of the Ardèche
    Caves of the Lot and Dordogne
Greece: The Island of Zante
Ireland: The Caves of Cong
    The Green Holes of Doolin
Italy: Grotta Giusti
    Capo Palinuro
Malta: Cavern Dives of Gozo and Comino
Spain: Balearic Islands, Mallorca
    Canary Islands, Lanzarote
    Costa Blanca
    Costa Brava
    Pozo Azul
Turkey: The Caves of Fethiye and Ölüdeniz

A Incidents and emergencies
B Sites to aspire to

From the cover

Martyn Farr is a widely respected and accomplished author who has committed over forty years to caving and cave diving. A leading cave diving trainer and photographer, he is passionate about all things subterranean – there can be few with his level of ability underwater or his legendary touch with a pen in passing on his wealth of experience.

Although the content of this book was carefully checked for accuracy before going to print, it is the nature of guidebooks that access and other details may change over time. This section will record revisions as they become known – use this page as part of your trip planning and please let us know of any factual updates required.

Please remember that the inclusion in the book of any specific dive site does not mean that access is freely available, and in all cases appropriate permission must be sought. Abide by landowners' wishes or you will risk losing access for all.

Although the following sites are included in the book, access is considered to be extremely sensitive and no attempt should be made to undertake a dive or to seek permission, as this may upset ongoing negotiations. It is always to be hoped that access will become available in the future, in which case updates will appear here.

Closed sites, as reported in Classic Darksite Diving:

Joint Hole
: resumption of access is under discussion; stay away during negotiations
Keld Head: an extremely sensitive site: stay away

Doux de Coly (France): closed, but it seems likely that access may be restored


Midge Hole
Oct 2013. Following the sale of land, new access arrangements apply, courtesy of negotiations by Cave Diving Group members. Access is available with no need to ask for specific permission, but a new approach route is requested. Do not park in the layby off the main road between Midge Hole and Joint Hole, but instead use the church car park near where the minor road crosses the dry river bed to the north-east of Midge Hole. Use the gate into the field and walk down-valley to the entrance. Please avoid times when church services are in progress.

Cambrian Slate Mine
Aug 2015. Roof instability has been reported in the entrance to Cambrian Slate Mine. In addition, a large quantity of loose rock has fallen from the roof onto the access path near the old boiler. Take care!

Aug 2015. The contact details for the Station de Gonflage, where air can be obtained, have changed from those detailed on p102. New owners are now Olivier and Fredo with a different phone number:

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