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Online lists

Descent is partially (but extremely fully) indexed on paper, with issues (1) to (133) so far covered by published indexes. In addition, an online list of all authors of major articles, reports of fatalities and obituaries, and all surveys and area maps in Descent has been added to this website. Follow the links to these pages to consult the listings directly.


The text from the contents page of Descent appears on each back issue page and may be searched using the standard search box found at the top of all pages. However, as this only searches within products it will return results only relating to Descent (and other products, such as books), based on the contents pages. This may be sufficient for your search.

Advanced search

You have two search engines available (as well as indexes to authors, fatalities and obituaries and surveys and area maps in Descent):

The first is found on the home page, but (as is described above) this only searches products and not the general information pages (however, it is very fast – for example, if you wish to find Descent issue 250, simply type in '250').

The search box below is produced by the DuckDuckGo search engine; it will display the results on its own site, which does not track users. Please either choose a result from that page to go direct to the result, or use your browser's back button to return here. Using this Advanced Search will bring results from all the indexes as well as other pages.

Using the Boolean term NOT will restrict your search (eg. Ffynnon NOT Ddu would find Ogof Craig-a-Ffynnon and Ogof Ffynnon Taf but not Ogof Ffynnon Ddu). As general examples:

cave potholeResults about cave or pothole
"cave and pothole"Results for exact term "cave and pothole"
cave -potholeFewer pothole in results
cave +potholeMore pothole in results

From the results page on DuckDuckGo you may return here using the 'Go Back' link at the top or follow any result direct to its page by clicking on the blue title.

As this Wild Places website has grown, the original search facility (which depended on outdated code) became slower and was not updated after April 2017; it has now been removed.

Any work of this indexing nature is bound to be prone to error. If you locate an incorrect link or other material which should be corrected, please let us know.