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Readers' comments

When we receive renewals or new orders for Descent subscriptions, it is fairly common that readers add an unsolicited comment to their form or send a special e-mail. Some are even accompanied by a request to publish the kind words that they send, which we decline to do in the magazine as it doesn't feel appropriate to use up the always limited space. However, we now record some of these comments here along with the issue number extant when they were received – with thanks to all who keep our postbag and e-mails bright and offer such encouragement!

Descent (265)

I have recently renewed my subscription to decent, and can't thank you both enough for keep publishing a quality magazine. B.R., Suffolk

Great issue (as always). You do a fantastic job. J.G., Skipton

The magazine is getting better and better. It is packed with eye-catching titles and lots of colour and photos, not to mention extremely well written. J.B., Oldbury

This issue of Descent is absolutely stunning. Really. I am thoroughly enjoying it! Thank you for your dedication to your work. We all reap the benefits. I wanted to send you an email just to congratulate you (your work REALLY is that good! A.F., USA

Descent (264)

Many thanks for a great magazine. A.M., Rugeley

Thank you for all the hard work that goes into Descent and keeping it going year after year. CW, Mendip

Descent (263)

Congratulations on a very interesting and well-balanced account of the Thai cave rescue.... I have [newspaper cuttings] which I shall keep in a scrapbook; a copy of your article will be included at the end, to show the reality of the situation. P.T., by e-mail

Descent (261)

Still as good as ever! T.A., Cheddar

Descent (259)

What a magnificent job you are doing! J.G., Macclesfield

Once again, congratulations on yet another year of excellent issues of Descent. The standard continues to be superb. P.T., Reading

I really have no idea how the two of you continue to put out such a quality maazine at such a rapid turnaround. C.D., Oxford

Descent (258)

Really like the mag. Still think you do an amazing job. P.M., Bournemouth

Thank you. Your Descent magazines are much appreciated. A.M., Mendip

Latest Descent indeed has just arrived, and another excellent edition. Particularly enjoyed Malcolm Stewart's article, especially the paragraph about the wellies. A joy to read! M.S., York

Keep up the good work. It's appreciated! N.C., Neath

Descent (257)

Great issue. Particularly enjoyed the article on Ethiopia. A.R., Swindon

Descent (256)

Thank you for a brilliant magazine! J.A., Brecon

Yet another great issue of Descent, thanks! J.B., Westbury

Descent (253)

Congratulations on yet another year of excellent issues of Descent. P.T., Reading

Descent (249)

I don't know how you manage to maintain your high standards but long may you continue to do so. I'm about to renew my sub for another two years. J.G., Leeds

Enclosed a cheque for subscription renewal – Descent is too good to miss!. T.A.., Bristol

Descent (247)

Descent gets better and better and the photographs are superb. Thanks for all the work you and the team put into it. J.G., Axbridge

I am astonished at the amazing quality of Descent; I tend to notice grammar and spelling errors in magazines, and am sometimes horrified by them. But Descent is invariably pristine! M.C., Coventry

Congratulations on another year of superb quality and interest. Descent really must be the world's premier caving magazine. P.T., Reading

Descent (246)

Great new website –much easier to renew - thank you!!. O.H., Towster

Thank you very much for a great magazine. A.M., Rugeley

Love reading it. Great mag. Keep it up. P.M., Ferndown

Keep up the good work – I'm always amazed with the quality of Descent – I remember what it was like when it started! N.C., Neath

You do a great job. Keep up the good work. A.W., Salisbury

Descent (245)

I am certainly enjoying Descent as much as ever. The quality is consistently high and the photographs are incredible. I'm taking this opportunity to extend my subscription. J.D., Halifax

Descent (244)

Descent gets better every year. Great articles and wonderfully produced photos. D.G., Manchester

Descent (243)

Excellent colour photos. P.H., Malvern

The quality of Descent continues to get better and better, especially the photos. The whole publication is outstanding. B.W., USA

Descent (241)

Descent goes from strength to strength. G.J., Ireland

Never has anyone worked so hard to earn [the price of a subscription]. Your company deserves every success for services beyond duty. J.C., Bath

Descent (240)

Many thanks for producing a top class publication. I use copies of Descent to show people why we go caving – the reaction is usually: 'Wow. I never thought caves were like that!'. N.C., Wales

Descent (238)

Thank you for a great magazine. M.J., Wales

Great magazine – thank you! I.H., Wales

Descent (237)

Seriously, it's brilliant – wouldn't be without it! T.A., Cheddar

Descent (235)

The latest Descent is just stunning again – I just don't know how you do it!. C.N., Mendip

Congratulations on maintaining such an incredibly high standard with Descent – issue (235) is magnificent. P.T., Reading

Descent (233)

I think the magazine has gone from strength to strength with some great articles recently. D.S., Aylesbury

We love Descent: good articles, nicely presented. It's nice to keep abreast of goings on, too. H.T., Chepstow

I felt I had to congratulate you upon the latest issue of Descent and the sheer quality you have achieved in what is now a world class magazine. L.C., Yorkshire

Many thanks for a great magazine: it keeps me in touch with the caving world. A.M., Stafford

Descent (232)

Thanks again for an excellent magazine. It always cheers up my day to come home from work to find Descent on my mat. P.F., Bristol

Please keep up the good work. I am now 82, but you still take me underground. J.M., Telford

Descent (231)

Please renew my subscription to Descent. Wouldn't be without it – it's fantastic! T.A., Cheddar

Descent (229)

Keep on doing it this way – superb magazine – no improvement required. J.W., Dingwall

It would be difficult to improve this magazine – content, presentation and quality are first class. A monthly magazine would be very nice – but unlikely due to the specialised nature of caving. Keep up the good work! - J.P.

For many issues of Descent past I have been meaning to get in touch having been repeatedly amazed by the content of the magazine dropping through the letterbox! Sitting here, as I am in front of a good log fire on a frosty night with a pint of Butcombe to hand, I am immersed in yet another superb issue of Descent. The quality of the coverage from around the world and from my own doorstep is as amazing as ever, the photographs and their display just stunning. I just don't know how you do it and manage to maintain such extremely high standards issue after issue – there just are no disappointing issues. I really feel it is five pounds well spent. Keep up the good work – I honestly think that Descent helps to keep the caving community going – we have no other comparable national (international perhaps) mouthpiece in which to share our hopes, discoveries and sometimes failures(!) Clive North, Radstock