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Cave Conservation

The British Caving Association has prepared new editions of its conservation-related publications as well as preparing a 'road map' to encourage education both within and outside the caving community. These have been reported through the pages of Descent (for example see issues 247, 251 and 253) and appear on the BCA's website, but are also collected here for convenience. The links will open a pdf in a new window.

BCA Caving Code

BCA Educational Strategy for the Conservation of Caves

BCA Minimal Impact Caving Guidelines

CNCC Digging Guidelines

DCA Cave Digging on SSSIs

In addition, DCA maintains a SSSI Cave Conservation Monitoring Scheme to facilitate communication between Natural England and Peak District cavers.

BCRA supports cave conservation projects through the United Kingdom Cave Conservation Fund. This has a broad remit, as it includes publications and land purchase as well as the more obvious access to a cave or protection for underground features.