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Obituary Index H




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 Obituary(207), April 2009, pp20-3
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HASELL, DanObituary(133), Dec 1996, p15
HAWKES, ChrisObituary(231), April 2013, p8
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 Fatality(4), May 1969, pp16-19
HEALY, MarkFatality(101), Aug 1991, p24
HEAP, DavidObituary(123), April 1995, p8
HEMMINGS, AlecObituary(171), April 2003, p8
HENSLER, EricObituary(101), Aug 1991, p6
 Obituary(102), Oct 1991, p5
HEY, JohnObituary(249), April 2016, p11
HOGBIN, Rosemary 'Bud'Obituary(261), April 2018, p7
HOLLAND, EricObituary(180), Oct 2004, p19
HOLSTEAD, TedFatality(52), Oct 1982, p8
HOLTZENDORFF, LouisFatality(65), Aug 1985, p19
HOMES, C.H. InettObituary
(80), Feb 1988, p6
HOOLEY, ChuckObituary(239), Aug 2014, p12
HOOPER, JohnObituary(188), Feb 2006, p7
HOUGHTON, BernardObituary(105), April 1992, p9
HOWELLS, PeterObituary(249), April 2016, p12
HUBMAYR, GeraldFatality(181), Dec 2004, p19
HUGHES, GwynforFatality(72), Sept 1986, p7
HUGHES, NeilFatality & obituary(138), Sept 1997, p8
HUME, AlisonFatality(214), June 2010, p7
 Fatality (inquiry)(217), Dec 2010, p7
 Fatality (inquiry)(224), Feb 2012, p5
HUXTABLE, DavidFatality(31), May 1975, p3-7