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Obituary Index U




UGRON, 'Ugri' GaborFatality(156), Oct 2000, p5
UN-NAMED CAVERSFatalities in Abkhazia(189), April 2006, p19
 Fatality in Banff National Park, Canada(195), April 2007, p33
 Fatality in Bell Island Mine, Canada(195), April 2007, p33
 Fatality in Californian mine(157), Dec 2000, p18
 Fatalities in Cenote Calimba, Mexico(183) April 2005, p25
 Fatalities in Chiapas, Mexico(183) April 2005, p25
 Fatality in Clydach Gorge(151), Dec 1999, p12
 Fatality in Coed-y-Mwstwr Woods Cave [LEWIS, Tony]
(76), June 1987, p17
 Fatalities in Complesso del Bila Pec, Italy(189), April 2006, p19
 Fatality in Cosquer’s Cave(104), Feb 1992, p26
 Fatality in Dale Head Pot(70), May 1986, p5
 Fatalities in Ellison's Cave, USA(219), April 2011, p5
 Fatalities in Emergence de Meyraguet, France(176), Feb 2004, p19
(177), April 2004, p18
 Fatality in La Espuelita Mine, Mexico(165), April 2002, p16
 Fatality in Fingal's Cave(227), Aug 2012, p6
Fatality in Font Estramar, France(257), Aug 2017, p8
 Fatality in Gaping Gill [MANN, Keith](87), April 1989, p11
 Fatality in Ghar Parau, Iran(169), Dec 2002, p18
 Fatality in Ghar Parau, Iran(209), Aug 2009, p26
 Fatality in Giant's Hole(200), Feb 2008, p16
 Fatality in Gorges du Tarn, France(176), Feb 2004, p19
 Fatalities in Grotta degli Occhi, Italy(227), Aug 2012, p4
Fatalities in Gruta de Chivostoc(256), June 2017, p4
 Fatalities in Gua Nyai, Java(160), June 2001, p26
 Fatality in Ivy Green Cave(101), Aug 1991, p27
 Fatality in Jacob’s Mine(106), June 1992, p28
 Fatality in Japan(102), Oct 1991, p24
 Fatalities in Jaskinia Ma'a, Poland(177), April 2004, p17
 Fatalities in Khao Sok NP, Thailand(199), Dec 2007, p5
 Fatality in Kilsby's Hole, Australia(213), April 2010, p12
 Fatality in Kingsdale Master Cave(101), Aug 1991, p27
 Fatality in Source de Landenouse, France(231), April 2013, p5
 Fatality in mine near Perranporth(216), Oct 2010, p7
 Fatality in Monastyr Chokrak, Ukraine(231), April 2013, p5
 Fatality in Never Hole, USA(59), July 1984, p6
 Fatality near Pretoria, South Africa(226), June 2012, p6
 Fatalities in cave near Provo, Utah, USA(186), Oct 2005, p18
 Fatalities in Ravanicka pecine, Serbia(196), June 2007, p7
 Fatality in Redman Cave, USA(159), April 2001, p19
 Fatality in Rio Camuy, Puerto Rico(200), Feb 2008, p8
Fatality in cave near Salzburg, Austria(241), Dec 2014, p6
 Fatality in Sarawak(104), Feb 1992, p26
 Fatality in Sell Gill Hole(106), June 1992, p28
 Fatality in Silica Mine(101), Aug 1991, p27
 Fatality in Tank Cave, Australia(223), Dec 2011, p18
 Fatalities on Tenerife, Spain(195), April 2007, p5
 Fatality in Trou qui Fume, France(42), July 1979, p38
 Fatality in Turkey(105), April 1992, p18
 Fatality in Urals, Russia(211), Dec 2009, p7
 Fatalities in Vouliagmeni, Greece(198), Oct 2007, p8
 Fatality in Wielka Snieza, Poland(139), Dec 1997, p18