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Descent (126)
  • Descent (126)

Descent (126)


Descent (126), October 1995

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Descent (126), October 1995

Edouard Martel en Irlande

Martel is renowned as the man who first descended Gaping Gill, one hundred years ago. However, before that feat he was in Ireland, exploring Marble Arch.

Pushing Poultalloon

Another major cave has been discovered on the Burren in Co. Clare. Here, fresh from the pushing front, is a taste of exploration.

Filming at Sunset

Sid Perou, finally able to film a rescue in progress, discovers the reality of working underground while a casualty is inched towards the surface.

Seventh Heaven in Claonaite

For years cavers have burrowed into the secrets of Uamh am Claonaite, trying to find the way onward past Sump 6. Earlier this year the key was found; the prize was far more than any had hoped for.

From Times Gone By

A cache of photographs yields a glimpse of caving in the Dales.

Home of the Fighting Gobblers

Attending a caving convention in the US brings more variety than might be imagined.

Electronics Underground

Most cavers are content with simply going caving, so what's the point of using electronic gear as well? Mike Bedford, reporting on the Cave Radio and Electronics Group meeting in May, indicates the work underway and where it's heading.

Cover: Red Passage, Lechuguilla Cave, USA. Photo: Peter and Ann Bosted

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October 1995
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