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Descent (136)
  • Descent (136)

Descent (136)


Descent (136), June 1997

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Descent (136), June 1997

BCRC Incident Report 1996

The rescue statistics for 1996 - your chance to learn from what happened to other cavers.

Over Three Caves in Six Months? Defocusing!

With attention switching from Ogof Draenen to Ogof Carreg Lem for the next major Welsh discovery, the entrance choke is passed.

What's Bugging You?

When you're out there caving in Britain or further afield, which bugs are trying to get you - and what can you do about it?

Planning Brings Prizes

Cave conservation in Derbyshire is benefiting from an agreement between cavers, quarry companies and local authorities. Here are ideas and a model to follow for other areas of the UK.

Caving Nepalese Style

Rumours of a cave under Kathmandu.

Cover: A caver kneels between large rimstone dams and a huge stalagmite name Goliath
Upper inset: Dave Jones stands at the Temple of the Fiery Cave God
Lower inset: Jeff Rutherford in the Volcano Room
The cave names, in the Guadalupe Mountains of New Mexico, USA, are not given for conservation reasons. Photos: Peter Jones

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June 1997
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