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Descent annual sets
  • Descent annual sets
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Descent annual set


Descent annual sets of issues - six magazines for less than buying them individually.

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Descent set
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Descent annual sets

Add to your Descent collection with a complete year of six back issues for less than if they were purchased as single back issues. Two consecutive sets perfectly fill a binder.

A one-year set of brand new back issues would normally cost £6.95 x 6 = £41.70. However, the set will cost you only £25, and that's with UK postage included (sorry, but at present these offers are limited to UK postal destinations - if you require an overseas delivery, please let us know and we can quote you a price).

To place an order, select a year from the list on the right (for more than one year, return to this page and choose again). Check our back issues pages or use the index to find the main articles included for that year. The years available (and the inclusive issue numbers for that year) are:

Year Issues
1997 134-139
1998 140-145
1999 146-151
2000 152-157
2001 158-163
2002 164-169
2003 170-175
2004 176-181
2005 182-187
2007 194-199
2008 200-205
2009 206-211
2010 212-217
2011 218-223
2012 224-229
2013 230-235
2014 236-241
2015 242-247

Other Descent sets which cover topics and themes are also on offer, which will help your research or simply provide you with an excellent evening's reading.

Although not yet appearing in the drop-down list, the annual sets for 2013, 2014 and 2015 are available (as shown in the table): please place an order for these as if you were buying the 2012 set, and include a note that the set you actually wish to receive is different (adding these properly to the ordering process takes time ...).

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Varies: 40 or 48
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Sold in annual sets of six issues. Note: UK postal destinations only

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If stock is available for all post destinations, selecting any set of options will allow you to place your order immediately.

If stock is limited, for example with a single copy of a second-hand book, it will be assigned to UK stock. If you require posting to an address outside the UK, selecting your options may not allow an order to be placed, even though stock is available. If this is the case, please contact us to enable the options you require.
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