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Descent (213)
  • Descent (213)
  • Descent (213)
  • Descent (213)

Descent (213)


Descent (213), April 2010

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Descent (213), April 2010

The Consummate Digger

Willie Stanton, oft times a controversial character that many will know of from his co-authorship of a Mendip guidebook and extensive digs, has died. Those who knew him well pay tribute to a life spent in search of caves – but only conducted his way.

Ogof Draenen: Open or Closed?

Problems in South Wales have brought a landowner response that may close the cave.

Excalibur’s Hidden Secrets

The team that discovered Excalibur Pot in 2007 bring us up to date with news of an extension and progress in nearby digs.

Searching the Depths

Mexico: a country that attracts international expeditions every year, and now one where a locally organised team has, for the first time, pushed a cave well below the magic kilometre.

The Moss Aftermath

The aftermath of the death of Neil Moss in Peak Cavern in 1959 still reverberates in the UK: this was a tragic loss with far-reaching effects. Ralph Johnson was there and adds to the documentation with his memories of what happened, not during the rescue attempt but afterwards.

Gear Review

Aquapure Traveller

Water purity is sometimes overlooked; sport cavers might carry a small drink, but what of those camping underground or on expedition? This lightweight filter might be the answer.

Heading Overseas

Read the results of the latest round of awards from the Ghar Parau Foundation as British cavers once again head out on expeditions.

Four Years On ...

It’s four years since the British Caving Association began to look closely at falling caver numbers and how newcomers to the sport might be encouraged and nurtured – here is how the campaign is progressing.

A Refreshingly Different Holiday

We could all do with a holiday, it goes without saying. So while dreaming of foreign climes, think about how you might arrange a trip – diving or otherwise – to the caves of the Dominican Republic.

Churchill Revisited (Part 3)

Our coverage of the 2009 Hidden Earth conference reaches its conclusion.

Cover: Dan Hibberts climbing in Fox Chamber, Winnats Head Cave. Photo: Rob Eavis

Back cover: Diving in Asfalto (main image) and La Hicotea, Dominican Republic. Photos: Martyn Farr

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April 2010
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