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Descent (215)
  • Descent (215)
  • Descent (215)
  • Descent (215)

Descent (215)


Descent (215), August 2010


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Descent (215), August 2010:

The first full colour issue, with eight extra pages

The Three Counties

A significant new link forged in the Three Counties System has produced the impetus for this major article in three parts: the history of the system, the latest breakthrough and where we go from here. Part of the article concerns the connection between Ireby Fell Cavern and Rift Pot and reproduces the latest survey.

Otter's Memory Lane

A trip to the Hall of Thirty in Otter Hole isn't that unusual – but this is a special occasion for the person who found the cave.

The Caves of Khaybar

There's sand and more sand, but Saudi Arabia's desert contains an estimated 400km of unmapped caves.

Shooting a Classic Cover

For cave photographers, this is how our wrap-round cover was shot.

Unravelling the Lamb Leer Enigma

Access to Mendip's Lamb Leer has been lost for years, but now a nearby dig holds the hope for a new route into the cave – and its location was predicted four decades ago.

The Descent Caption Competition

Napoleon Comes to Town

Make us laugh and win an oversuit.

Learning from the Manchester Tragedy

The court case involving the death of a schoolboy during a led caving trip has closed: here is the background to the fatality and what we can learn from the incident.

The Credit Crunch Expedition

Not going on a traditional expedition this year? Why not stay at home and take part in an all-hands-on, two-week-long, money-saving digging project in the Peak?

Named for an Outlaw

It's amazing what can be learned about caves in a single day talking science and hydrology in and around Poole's Cavern.

The Bottom Line


Alan Jeffreys is ranting again, this time about an obsession.

Wrap-round cover: Rafts in the active river cave of Križna jama, Slovenia. Photo: Gaspard Magarinos and Andreas Schober

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August 2010
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First issue in full colour, and with eight bonus pages

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