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Descent (225)
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Descent (226)


Descent (226), June 2012

Eight extra pages

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Descent (226), June 2012, with eight extra pages

The Kirk Pot Extensions

Beneath Leck Fell, Kirk Pot has lain unchallenged for years, but diving and surveying have revealed a more extensive cave than was previously thought to exist.

To Provatina and Back

Provatina was the big one of the 1960s; the unbottomed largest shaft in the world. Ken Kelly, who took up the challenge, has died and here we pay tribute to this larger-than-life character.

Images from the Past:
A Visit to Jatijajar

An obscure magazine, complete with early underground photography, reveals how travel in the late 19th century took tourists to a cave in Java.

Boulder Pot – Relocated!

Access to Boulder Pot in the Peak District has been lost not once, but twice. With even the location of the entrance forgotten, the search was on.

Sarawak Chamber

The Mulu 2011 expedition returned with a stunning photograph of the immense Sarawak Chamber. Photographer Robbie Shone reveals how it was shot.

Surveying Sarawak Chamber

The Mulu expedition also spent time producing a high-tech survey of the chamber, producing a 3D model.

The Rescues of 2011

Details of all last year’s rescues: read and learn.

Wikipedian Cavers

With more and more information to be found on the web, it’s time to update its caving content.

A Three Counties Fantasy Trip

What would it be like to traverse the Three Counties System in a single trip? Andy Walsh lets his imagination run wild.

Swildon’s Twenty: A different perspective

In the second of our photo features, Paul Dold tells how he found a new angle to photograph an old location.

Cover: Pete Bradford in Swildon's Hole. Photo: Paul Dold

Back cover: Delicately balancing lighting in one of northern England's most popular group of caves, Philippe Crochet has photographed Annie Guiraud in Long Churn Cave and the entrance to Diccan Pot

Also available as part of a back issue set

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June 2012
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Also available as part of a Descent back issue set

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