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Descent (35)
  • Descent (35)

Descent (35)


Descent (35), January 1977


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Descent (35), January 1977

High Hopes for ‘Surprise’ Kingsdale Dig

Ged Dodd reports on the latest work in Kingsdale Master Cave.

NCA News Bulletin

The NCA reports back to cavers.

The Hardware Scene

Lightstick Pocket and Modfied Ammo Can

Looking at Cyalume lightsticks and modifying an ammunition can for emergency use.

Decompression Next Stage in Wookey Diving

With the sumps going deep and long, decompression will be required at Wookey Hole.

Record Lava Cave Find in Kenya

A ten-day expedition has found what is claimed to be the world’s longest and deepest lava cave: Leviathan.

Gearing Up to Congress

It’s coming: the seventh International Speleological Congress, to be held in Sheffield.

Limited Finds in NW Pakistan Recce

The first field report from the 1976 expedition to the Himalaya.

The Joys of Big Ape (and Little Ape)

Pete Smart sends this report on Jamaican caving.

Working Party’s Report on How We View NCA

The working party’s report in full.

Cover: Gary Jones in the 1976 discovery: Splash Inlet Extension in Ogof Ffynnon Ddu. Photo: Alan Jackson

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Data sheet

Card cover
Small format: 16cm x 20cm approx.
56 inc. cover
Publication date:
January 1977
Back issues:
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