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Descent (73)
  • Descent (73)

Descent (73)


Descent (73), November 1986

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Descent (73), November 1986

White Scar Cave

ULSA is still pushing their Wet Dream Extensions.

ULSA’s Major Find in Penyghent

The Friday the Thirteenth Series extensions are hardly attractive!

The Isca Silurum Tunnels

Divers pushing the Green Holes of Doolin have entered a half-kilometre system.

Army Expedition to Java ’86

Clearing miles of red tape leads to thirteen miles of passage.

Christmas Goes Before Easter

Christmas Swallet in Derbyshire sees a breakthrough.

A Question of Responsibility

The onset of an ‘adventure challenge’ that will use caves as a challenge to competitors is raising concern.

The Finding and Losing of a Rare Cotswold Cave

Andrew Ward looks at what happened to Beechtree Swallet.

‘British Caving Association’ – the Way Forward for UK Cavers?

Richard Bartrop considers what he thinks the new national body structure should be.

Cover: Diving in Cocklebiddy, Australia. Photo: Francis le Guen

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November 1986
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