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Descent (36) View larger

Descent (36)


Descent (36), March 1977


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Descent (36), March 1977

Glad Tidings from Tyning’s!

Mendip diggers have opened up a new streamway cave.

Aussie Extravaganza in Major European Systems

While British cavers venture ever further afield in search of caves, those further afield head closer to our shores.

NCA News Bulletin

The NCA reports back to cavers with Bulletin (1).

Careful Build-up to Longest Wookey Dives

The problems facing those pushing in Wookey Hole.

Farr’s Travels

Martyn Farr has emulated Pete Lord’s epic tour of the USA; it was time to show the Americans that not all cavers come from England!

Observations on the Use of SRT in Australasia

Andy Eavis thought that he should travel onward from PNG and was surprised to find how other countries are making use of SRT.

The Hardware Scene:

Yes, it’s another prusiking system.

Himalayan Expedition

The second field report from the expedition to north-west Pakistan.

Cover: Diving in P8. Photo: Dave Elliot

  • Binding: Card cover
  • Size: Small format: 16cm x 20cm approx.
  • Pages: 52 inc. cover
  • Publication date: March 1977
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
  • Availability: One copy available. Price includes UK postage. Please contact us direct for other destinations
  • Second-hand condition: Clean, some rust on staples, pages intact, cover with some surface scuffs. Very good. Includes original insert for Mendip Underground issues with this edition.
  • Other: Stock code: SH705