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Descent (61) View larger

Descent (61)


Descent (61), November 1984


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Descent (61), November 1984

The NCA Column

The NCA reports back to cavers.

The Zodiac Project

The exploration team dives to the limit of air reserves in the Bahamian Blue Holes.

The Route to the Heart of Llangattwg Mountain

Clive Gardner offers a full report on the incredible breakthrough in Daren Cilau, with a double-page spread showing all the caves on the mountain.

A New Look at Ropewalking

For those who have not tried it, this SRT technique is fast and efficient.

The Long, the Short – and the Enthralling

A full report on this year’s BCRA caving conference.

The Call of the Green Holes

Cave diving in the coastal caves of Doolin – herein dubbed the Green Holes – looks like a rich region of endeavour that will yield many results.

Grim Reminders of War in Caves of a South Sea Paradise

Caving in the Palace archipelago of Palau.

Going to the Pictures

A film festival of note has entertained many – who won the grand prizes?

Cover: Steve Ainley at the White Company, Daren Cilau. Photo: Chris Howes

  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 40
  • Publication date: November 1984
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
  • Second-hand condition: Good, clean pages, no annotations. Slight creases from reading, but otherwise very good; a scarce edition
  • Other: 1002