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Descent (130)


Descent (130), June 1996

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Descent (130), June 1996

Charging for Rescues

The latest from Scotland: charging for mountain rescue. Alan Jeffreys reports whether the politicians are going to drop the idea, or take on caving next.

Turkish Delight

Faced with not knowing where to go on holiday, Jim Eyre left for Turkey for a bout of social interaction with the local population and some exploration thrown in for good measure.

Potholing with a Pencil

Shane Lucas heads for the Berger with a parcel of tips for caving abroad.

Up at the Sharp End

Head into Big Country with the Draenen Diggers - but not every trip gets you new passage!

BCRC Incident Report 1995

The complete report for 1995, a chance to learn details of every incident and learn by others' mistakes.

To Find Charlie a Cave

Deep in Thailand, a search for a new showcave.

Rubbed up the Wrong Way

'Very slowly I placed my footloop jammer above the fray, but this placed my chest jammer directly on the strands'. What's it like to prusik past a severed sheath?

Cave Therapy

When young adults have learning difficulties in society what do the police do? Get involved, and thentake them underground.

For Hades' Sake

Hades: a caving club name, a link to mythologyor a friendly, misunderstood chap? Who was this Hades person, anyway?

Cover: Pauline Rigby in Ogof Draenen. Photo: Tim Guilford

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 40
  • Publication date: June 1996
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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