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Descent (131)


Descent (131), August 1996

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Descent (131), August 1996

Caves Be Where You Make 'em

Nearly forty years on, the connection between Swildon's Hole and Priddy Green Sink has finally been made.

Fifty Years Beneath the Surface

On 11 May the Cave Diving Group celebrated its fiftieth anniversary at Wookey Hole. Probably the largest gathering of cave divers, representing every era of exploration, assembled for the day. Here is a tribute to the CDG.

Under Dentdale

Beavering away in Dentdale, members of Dent House SS have discovered a new cave ...

Don't Lecture Me, Young Man

Hidden Earth is coming... and with this year's national conference, a host of lectures. Here's where to pick up your tips on presentation and the anti-yawn factor.

Beyond Turkish Calcite

'I clutched the rope like grim death and ran like hell before launching myself sideways into space, just reaching the gap before the law of gravity took over. With knees, elbows, feet and teeth I jammed myself in, panting like a landed fish, eyes glazed, heart pounding and a heady exotic mixture of sheer terror and exhilaration coursing through my mind.'

Guns, Dust and Raw Goat

With armed guards for company, for the first time since 1972 a British caving expedition has entered Ethiopia - and brought back good results.

Into the Digital Age

Do photographs never lie? Of course they do; we're in the digital age and cave photographs will never be the same again.

Hexamine Highways

As Ogof Draenen heads for the 50km mark, a dig gains Hexamine Highways.

Cover: Grasping for Straws, a digitally manipulated image. Photo: Dave Bunnell

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  • Publication date: August 1996
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