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Descent (237)


Descent (237), April 2014

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Descent (237), April 2014

Stormy to Nettlebed

For decades, cavers have sought a route through Mt Arthur in New Zealand. Now, with the connection of Stormy Pot to Nettlebed Cave, they have created an epic, three-day through-trip worthy of its place in the world rankings.

A Game of Rocks

If you are a digger, you already know the game – you must extract blocks from a stack without causing the whole to come tumbling down. It’s time to head for the North York Moors and the discovery of Jenga Pot.

Cave Access – out in the open

When the law in England and Wales changed in 2000 to provide access to the countryside by right, the Countryside and Rights of Way Act was welcomed – but then, cavers were told that it didn’t apply to our sport. Times change and Tim Allen argues that we should reassess and challenge CRoW.

Gear Review
The Earthworm

A new, lightweight caver-designed headlight has entered the market. Pete Glanvill takes the Earthworm for a crawl.

The Ghost of Ma On Shan

Where there’s a will, there’s a way to find an underground something to explore. Join Rich Gerrish for his hunt in Hong Kong.

Write it Down!
Subterranean Games

From underground golf to a through-a-sump tug of war, it’s no wonder that Joe Public doesn’t understand the nuances of caving.

Kieran McKay in the Nettlebed system, New Zealand. Photo: Neil Silverwood

Back cover: Chris Jewell diving in Sump 6 (top), Helen Warren on the Greasy Chimney and Henry Dawson on the polished rock of The Landing in Swildon’s Hole. Photos: Stu Gardiner

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 40
  • Publication date: April 2014
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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