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Descent (238)


Descent (238), June 2014

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Descent (238), June 2014

Climbing in the Eastern Front

Since the breakthrough into the Eastern Front in Large Pot in April 2013, exploration has continued. George North brings us up to date alongside Jeff Wade’s photography in this major extension.

Caves of Kras

Descent (223) reported on the First International Meeting of Cave Photographers in France, the illustrated coverage drawing much praise. The second meeting moved to just outside Trieste on the Italian–Slovene border, producing a new crop of images from some of the world’s top creative cave photographers.

Jungle is Massive

‘BOOM. The sound echoed. Finally, we’d done it – we’d hit something big in Durmitor.’ And it not only proved ‘big’, it proved utterly massive for the latest York University CPC trip to Montenegro.

Poetry in Motion

A sophisticated digging system has been in use in Rowter Hole, where scaffolded shafts are yielding some significant advances.

Once More Beyond the Deep

Sistema Huautla in Mexico calls cavers again and again to seek greater depths. The problem is, that means cave diving on the very forefront of exploration – but it was worth it, as the team gained a new record.

Gear Review

Meander Bon Gamase Caving Socks

Tired of wearing smelly wetsocks? Reach for Meander’s Bon Gamese.

Digging a Gower Resurgence

With a new archaeological dig at a buried cave entrance in progress, will this have a spin-off and produce a major Gower cave?

The Rescues of 2013

Once again the British Cave Rescue Council has collated the UK’s rescue statistics. Learn what went wrong for others, so you don’t follow in their footsteps.

Cover:  Annie Guiraud in Martinska jama, Slovenia. Photo: Philippe Crochet

Back cover: A decorated passage in Grotta Noè and clear waters in Pod Lanisce, Italian karst at its best. Photos: José Ángel Izquierdo

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