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Descent (140)


Descent (140), February 1998

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Descent (140), February 1998


Perfect bliss can be found in Dentdale - at least, according to the cavers who have made the latest discoveries there.

Two Weeks in the Taurus

'I was just about to reach for a bolt when there was a "tinkle, tinkle, ker-plop"...' Join Martyn Farr and his colleagues as they explore the wilds of Turkey.

Preach what you Practise

With a wing and a prayer, Charles Bailey finds that flying is very easy - it's the sudden stop that gives him a problem, especially when it's at the far end of Carno Adit.

Gloucester Goes Mad in Missouri

How do the caves of Missouri match up to a visit by cavers from the Forest of Dean when they journey to the 1997 NSS Convention?

Taking Care of Tomorrow

As our mining heritage crumbles into dust, an increasing number of people are becoming involved in conservation and preservation. Here are the successes of the Shropshire Mines Trust.

The Queen of Hearts

Has Gilwern Hill been caved out with the discovery of Ogof Draenen? It seems not, with more passage found in the nearby Ogof Ddwy Sir.

The Emperor's Old Clothes

Caving with the Naughty Underground Deshabille Exploration Society? Surely not; the thought of Alan Jeffreys with the NUDES conjures up all sorts of visions.

Cover: Pat Cronin in Altinbesik Cave, Turkey. Photo: Martyn Farr

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 40
  • Publication date: February 1998
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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