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Descent (143)


Descent (143), August 1998

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Descent (143), August 1998

Prisoners of War

Ogof Draenen's War of the Worlds, an immense passage which hurtles into a choke, was discovered in 1996. Dogged determination has now taken cavers into the hillside beyond with a major extension: Prisoners of War.

Alas Poor Yorick

... I didn't know him at all well. Take a trip into Derbyshire's latest (and still secret) archaeological discovery. [Thesite was later named Carsington Pasture Cave with brief follow-up reports in Descent 149 and 151, then coverage of a Time Team investigation in 167 and 170.)

Into the Unknown

It's August! It's expedition time! No stranger to foreign climes, join Jim Eyre as he journeys into the unknown.

The BCRC and Capham Beck

Every two years the BCRC holds a conference. This year, they put the delegates through a gruelling rescue race - along Clapham Beck.

Reinventin' the Wheelie Bin

Cave diving activity at the Ressel Resurgence in France has reached fever pitch as divers attempt to pass the sump before a halt is called to all exploration in October.

Return to Oonaglour

When the roof threatened to squish the party, exploration stopped - but the lure of open passage remained.

Cover: Deborah Morgenstern in the passage below Slab House in Honeymead Hole. Photo: Paul Stillman

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 40
  • Publication date: August 1998
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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