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Descent (147), April 1999

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Descent (147), April 1999

Beyond 4,000 Metres

Divers working in the huge resurgence of the Doux de Coly in the French Dordogne have been pushing further and further from base. In the previous issue of Descent we left them using habitats and scooters, and preparing to return to the cave in the summer of 1998. Join the divers for this concluding part to the article, which brings us up to date with the exploration of the Doux de Coly.

Baker’s Pit and its Water Quality

Baker’s Pit lies beneath an infilled quarry in Devon. Measuring the quality of the water seeping into the cave has revealed some interesting facts, such as an indication that there could be a vastly increased rate of stal growth going on.

Gear Review:
BCB First Aid Kit and Ortlieb Drybag

How did BCB first aid kits and an Ortleib PS 490 drybag stand up when subjected to the rigours of a caver’s use?

Making an Entrance, Stage Left ...

Is caving about making it easier to reach the end, or conserving what we already have and thereby maintaining the remoteness of the furthest reaches? In a Viewpoint article triggered by events at Ogof Draenen, Ben Lovett presents his personal opinions.

Vale: Peter Fowler

Martyn Farr writes a tribute to Peter Fowler, who died while cave diving in South Wales.

Once in a Blue Moon

Let’s face it: discovering a new cave is hardly unheard of. When it contains bright blue formations, it’s a touch more unusual. Here we have the previously untold story of the discovery of Wizards Chasm in a shakehole near Langcliffe Scar in the Yorkshire Dales.

Don’t Drop the Diagrams

When you buy a new bit of kit, what do you do with the paperwork? Many cavers throw it away, yet within lies some valuable advice that’s not to be so lightly passed up.

The Power to Dig

Dig, dig, dig! On and on, pulling in more and more cavers to help. Then, a flash of brilliance. Would using water-power help? Is the Derbyshire Extension to Kingsdale Master Cave evidence enough?

Descent’s Caption Competition

Don’t miss the latest Descent Caption Competition, with an Enduro undersuit – and more – to go to the lucky (and skilful) winners.

Cover: Titan Shaft, the latest discovery in Peak Cavern. Photo: Paul Deakin

Inset: The Mendip Supergun. Photo: Simon Muir

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