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Descent (176)


Descent (176), February 2004

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Descent (176), February 2004

Into Dà Dòng

‘Holding the tape measure aloft I whooped and laughed at the sound of it spooling out at high speed.’ No pokey little digs for the Hong Meigui CES – this is caving in China, where big means BIG!

Mind Over Matter

Check the answers to the last edition’s quiz, and see if you won a watch.

Nobody Thought it Would be This Hard!

Dave Nixon’s article on the discovery of Titan in Peak Cavern, and the project to dig a way into it from the surface, began in Descent (174). From low points to high, he now concludes his tale.

The Old Days Have Gone; Here Are the New

The New Year saw British caving welcome not only a new national governing body, but also making a fresh start with something that was desperately needed after the problems of 2003: a new insurance policy for cavers.

Forays in the Forest
Clinker Bottom and Brinchcombe Level

Not one but two discoveries have been made in the Forest of Dean, after the hard work of diligent diggers.

When Paintings Fade

Cave art is showing signs of damage at classic sites such as Altamira and Lascaux, even after precautions were taken – so what caused them to fade?

Digging Bristol Coal

Fancy winning a book, or simply taking a treasure hunt around the pages of Descent? Either way, there are three simple questions to answer ...

Come Cavers to Upton (part 2)

The Hidden Earth conference has again been reported in full; here is the second part covering the last of the 2003 lectures.

Cover: Champs Elysees, Da Dong, China. Photo: Duncan Collis

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 40
  • Publication date: February 2004
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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