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Descent (183), April 2005

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Descent (183), April 2005

Pleasures of the Palm

Inlet 7 in Notts II has drawn the attention of northern diggers, even though the size of the passage at the head of Oliver Lloyd Aven was perceived as ‘unimpressive’. However, a push, a squirm and the realisation that it was impossible to turn back so they might as well press onwards, has produced a breakthrough into Pleasures of the Palm.

Illustrated Walls

Technology, like a rolling stone, never stands still. Neither does caver ingenuity. Combine the two and what do you have? Superb advances in surveying techniques. Ponder on the concept of entering data in the cave and leaving with everything in place to produce the finished, superbly detailed drawing.

Quote of the Month: Fatalities at Fingal’s

In 1884 The Times reported a multiple fatality when three tourists were drowned after being swept from Fingal’s Cave on Staffa, an early instance of a cave-related incident directly leading to safety improvements at the site.

Heading Overseas in 2005

British cavers are again preparing for trips overseas in search of caverns measureless. Here is the state of play of grants awarded and who is heading where in the world.

Underground in the South-east: Fuller’s Earth Mines

NAMHO’s annual conference – this year being held in South-east England – is fast approaching, so Peter Burgess continues his look at underground features in the area.

Into the Lost World

Not long ago the karst features of Conan Doyle’s Venezuelan Lost World were considered anomalies; now, a gigantic quartzite cave has been explored, replete with new-to-science fauna and incredible ‘living’ formations. Join us in Cueva Charles Brewer.

Cover: Dave Nixon in Titan, Peak Cavern. Photo: Robbie Shone and the Titan team

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