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Descent (230)


Descent (230), February 2013

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Descent (230), February 2013

A Midge-infested, Draughtless No-hoper ...

Another new cave has been dug open on Leck Fell, the result of a dig in a depression that seemed – to some, at times – a lost cause. Yet Shep Pot lay waiting below.

We Should Have Gone to Aygill

It’s one of the problems with a new discovery – it has lain for millennia, untouched and balancing its boulders, waiting for the unwary to find it, waiting to fight back.

The Man Who Followed the Water

We say farewell to Bill Gascoine, a chemist who turned hydrologist to unravel the secrets of South Wales.

More Than Just Another Party

CHECC’s latest gathering shows how the group’s stature has matured.

Flights of Fancy
A Drone for Cavers

In the first of two allied articles, Juan Corrin takes us underground in full control of a lightweight flying camera. What is at the top of that climb? Send in the drones.

The Hollow Hill of Gomantong

Photographing remote regions is one use of a caving drone, but why not go one stage further and produce a 3D survey as well?

The Descent Pixa Competition

Were you puzzled by the questions in our competition? Find the answers here, and who won the Petzl Pixa 3R rechargeable light.

Gear Review
Peli ProGear Backpack

Peli has taken a new look at how we carry kit, by building a hard protective case into a rucksack.

Write it Down!
The Ady Standard

Dry caves can be wet, wet caves can be ... wetter. Within his club, one caver’s descriptions set a new standard.

Cover: The Triple Jump in Shep Pot on a wet day. Photo: Frank Pearson

Back cover: Annie Guiraud in the gypsum-encrusted main passage of József-Hegyi Barlang, in an area known as Kinizsi Railway Station, Budapest, Hungary. Photo: Philippe Crochet

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 40
  • Publication date: February 2013
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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