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Descent (231)


Descent (231), April 2013

Eight extra pages

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Descent (231), April 2013, with eight extra pages

Britain’s Biggest Chamber ...

When The Frozen Deep was discovered on Mendip it set off comparisons with Gaping Gill’s Main Chamber, but calculating volume is not straightforward.

Dan yr Ogof: The Early Days

Two cavers involved in the 1966 breakthroughs that extended Dan yr Ogof here present their memories of this exciting golden age of exploration.

The Expeditions of 2013

The expedition season is upon us, with fourteen groups gaining grants.

Hard Labour ... Chasing the Draughts

Prospecting and digging in Langstrothdale has recorded a new cave.

Beneath the Mountains: A return to Xitu

For five decades British expeditions have returned to the Spanish Picos, seeking depth and connections. David Rose, joint author of the seminal Beneath the Mountains, opens our major coverage of the project with his return to the front after thirty years.

More on the Crossed I

Joe Duxbury investigates a strange letter left by T’owd Man on passage walls.

A Passing Star

We pay tribute to Oliver Wells, a pioneer cave diver of Wookey Hole who has died aged 82.

Gear Review
Lyon Caving Suit

A new oversuit made from ‘Flex-PVC’ is given a rigorous test.

Write it Down!
A Brief Visit to Ukraine

In a foreign country, the authorities seem bent on preventing drunken cavers from reaching home.

Cover:  Sam Townsend on a recently discovered false floor in Cliffstile Mine. Photo: Rob Eavis
Back cover: Pinnacle Chamber (top), The Meanders (inset) and Flabbergasm Oxbow, Dan yr Ogof in South Wales. Photos: Brendan Marris

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 48
  • Publication date: April 2013
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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