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Descent (234)


Descent (234), October 2013

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Descent (234), October 2013

Where History Meets Future

Every four years cavers from around the world gather to present the latest information in their academic discipline. Perhaps even more importantly, they renew old friendships and revel in a wealth of activities before leaving for home once more, inspired. Yes, it’s the International Congress of Speleology.

The Land Below Laos

This month’s Showcase is incorporated within an International News report about exploring what is now the longest cave in Laos.

A Life Underground

A Peak District caver at heart, some of his closest friends pay tribute to Ralph Johnson, a character at the centre of cave rescue who will be sorely missed.

NAMHO – The Underground Bit

NAMHO’s annual meeting went off well, with plenty of underground visits in the depths of Wales.

Images from the Past
Name the Lady

Once again we have old cave-related photos with a distinct lack of information attached, hence a plea for your help.

Spring Fever

Martyn Farr has travelled to the other side of the world, lured by a newly discovered caving area: a valley of caves with untouched sumps and an immense potential.

3D Printing

We have all seen computer-generated 3D images of cave surveys that we can spin on screen and print on our desktop, viewed from whatever angle we desire. Now, though, our options are expanding: we can use the same data to print a 3D plastic model.

Gear Review
Netopyr Megha Bag

A new Swiss design of tackle sack, complete with a ‘greedy bag’ liner, is now on the market and given a full test.

Write it Down!
Shooting Speleogenesis

When filming underground not everything will go to plan – and this time, the specific problem was very unexpected.

Cover:  Aaron Bowering in Goatchurch Cavern. Photo: Steve Sharp

Back cover: White banding in Grotte de Tham Ka Thoung and traversing the river in Grotte Xe Bang Fai, Laos. The photos were shot during a 2013 expedition. Photos: Philippe Crochet

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  • Pages: 40
  • Publication date: October 2013
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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