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Descent (87)


Descent (87), April 1989

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Descent (87), April 1989

More Finds in Llanelly Quarry Pot

Ashley Dickenson reports on the Totem Aven extension.

Still Warthogs After All These Years

It’s fifteen months since the last major breakthrough in Daren Cilau, so it was well past time for another.

Depressing Attitude to Infilling Depressions

Farmers might fill in depressions, but we shouldn’t bit the hand that allows us access.

First Aid for Cavers

The third part of Dr Peter Glanvill’s series on first aid underground: severe bleeding and fractures.

Whose Bodies?

In 1947, human remains were found in Trow Gill ...

A Cup of Turkish Tea

The first part of a report on Taurus 88, a recce trip to Turkey.

Exploring Abandoned Mines

Health, safety and the law.

It’s Dangerous Below 150 Feet

Or so says the insurance companies! Descent has been challenging the insurance loading on cavers, with some success.

Equipment Review

Nitech X-cell and Polaris flashlights, and Hotgel.

Does Limestone Quarry Restoration Represent a Threat to Caves?

What happens to old quarries – is restoration blasting useful or merely further damage?

Cover: Jodie & Craig's Secret Playground, Ogof Capel. Photo: Peter Bolt

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 40
  • Publication date: April 1989
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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