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Descent (236)


Descent (236), February 2014

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Descent (236), February 2014

Adventure Out of Chaos

How do you not only tempt newcomers into the underground caving world, but also set them up to continue within the community? CHECC’s latest meeting has brought more students into the fold.

Images from the Past
The Birthday Party

Descent (234) asked for help in identifying people in a photo – with great success.

Mud Mining on the Eastern Front

The Three Counties System has been extended yet again – the diggers have entered a huge and significant passage in Large Pot.

The Lady Behind the Scenes

Elsie Little did not discover new passages, did not appear in films or write books. But she did work hard on our behalf and we pay tribute to her life.

Gear Review

The electronic DistoX used in cave surveying has seen new developments: cavers, meet the DistoX2.

Caves of Tongzi

Linked with an expedition report on China, Hazel Barton and Robbie Shone provide an image Showcase.

A Data Set for the North

Cave surveying has entered an era of sharing data, an element at the core of surveying and archiving projects in Northern England.

Some Place on Earth

The annual Irish caving symposium took cavers overground and underground and into the bars, and even included a film premiere.

Write it Down!
When to Bellow!

If the unexpected happens and you think you might need help, don’t hesitate ...

  Erin Lynch 240m above the floor in the thick mist of Cloud Ladder Hall, Quankou Dong, China. Photo: Robbie Shone

Back cover: Pant Mawr Pot, South Wales: Ivan Hollis on the 15m entrance pitch, and Ivan with Estelle Sandford in the finely decorated Sabre Passage. Photos: Neil Walmsley

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  • Publication date: February 2014
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