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Descent (239)


Descent (239), August 2014

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Descent (239), August 2014

Delving Under Nateby

Nateby. A wild, remote Cumbrian region, little visited by cavers. But there are caves to be found ...

Reaping the Benefits

All diggers dream of making a major breakthrough. Surely, the team at Rowter Hole could not have dared to think they would strike it this big.

Every Caver’s Nightmare

When Johann Westhauser was seriously injured almost a kilometre down in the Riesending, a deep Alpine cave in Bavaria, it was eleven days before he saw daylight again. Johann’s plight represented the kind of nightmare that cavers dread, but a superb rescue operation ensued while the world’s media covered the event. Here, then, is the story from the caver’s point of view.

The Onslaught on Sump 9

Chris Jewell’s article about an extreme cave diving expedition to Mexico left readers on a cliffhanger in Descent (238). Here he picks up his story about pushing the sumps of Sótano de San Agustín.


Another part of the complexity that is Peak Cavern has been revealed in the latest breakthrough, which took cavers into the base of a major shaft that had to be climbed the hard way.

Cavers Enjoy a Party!

The BCA Party Weekend was a huge success, so what went on – and as for CRoW, how is the case for caving progressing?

The Descent Caption Competition
Mining Potosí

Join us in our latest competition: you merely have to caption an old engraving to be in with the chance to win a superb LED caving light.

Cover:  Chris Blakeley in the Gouffre Berger, France. Photo: Robbie Shone

Back cover: Mark Richardson ascending Breathless, Adam Parkes in the squeeze at the top of The Wizard’s Sleeve, and the pair at the top of The Crystal Orechasm, the big Peak discovery. Photos: Rob Eavis

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 40
  • Publication date: August 2014
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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