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Descent (220)


Descent (220), June 2011

Eight extra pages

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Descent (220), June 2011, with eight extra pages

Gear review:

Doming and New Wisdom Headights

Two imported headlights are given a once-over with one question in mind: how do they stand up to a caver’s requirements?

The Grandeur of Vallgornera

The USA is rightly renowned for the richly decorated Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico, but Europe has its equivalent, albeit seemingly less well known: Cova des Pas de Vallgornera on the island of Mallorca. In this Descent Special Issue we celebrate not only its exploration, but also its sheer beauty.

Cave Movies: The Early Years

Films shot in and about British caves are among the earliest ever made in the world and amateur movies provide us with a real sense of what caving was like in decades long gone.

The Rescues of 2010

The British Cave Rescue Council tracks all rescues involving its members’ rescue teams, reporting annually on the statistics so revealed. Here you can learn where things went wrong for other cavers – so that you can ensure you don’t make the same mistakes.

Nepal’s Nature Spirits

Expeditions are not always huge, minutely prepared and heavily funded – sometimes they are small and comprise a few friends; a few cavers who are heading out with a destination in mind and a purpose: to have some fun!

Across Dinaric Karst

The Whitley Fund for Nature offers substantial support to suitable applicants working on significant conservation projects around the world. Now, caving has benefited from a £30,000 grant towards work in protecting the Dinaric karst.

Dreams Fulfilled

Werner Herzog’s film Cave of Forgotten Dreams has been on general release in the UK and gained a wide range of varied comment.

Cover: Toni Mulet in a forest of straws, Cova des Pas de Vallgornera. Photo: Tony Merino

Back cover:
British lead mines: Bwlch-y-Plm at Llanfrothen Garreg, North Wales (top), and Raddle Pit on Bradwell Moor, Peak District. Photos: Phil Wolstenholme

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 48
  • Publication date: June 2011
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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