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Descent (248)


Descent (248), February 2016

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Descent (248), February 2016

The Land of Darby O’Gill

A pot of gold lies at the end of the rainbow – or, just perhaps, beyond the next sump in Cat’s Hole.

The Saga of Rod’s and Drunkard’s

Digs can produce incredible breakthroughs, but even with much hard work things don’t always go according to plan.


West Coast Caving!

The thrill of leaving the surface for an underground world is captured by Neil Silverwood’s image shot in New Zealand.

The Marros Enigma

A new cave has been explored in West Wales – learn the story of Ogof Marros.

Pillars of Ice

While Europe’s winter has been unseasonably warm, the caves of northern Russia have not!

A Remote Place to Tumble

The sharp edge of exploration is not always without risk, where even surface prospecting in Mulu can lead to a serious incident.

Langcliffe Silver

Langcliffe Pot sees infrequent visits, but Simon Wilson considers it well worth a trip and has installed a set of new anchors.

Gear review

Apex Headlight

Is Princeton Tec’s Apex light, an off-the-shelf product, suited to caving?

Write it Down!

56 Reasons for Giving Up Caving

Graham Proudlove recalls a trip that was almost bad enough to make him give up the sport.

Cover:  Kelda Jones in Selenite Tunnel, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, South Wales. Photo: Chris Howes
Back cover: Jonathan Williams with stunning curtain formations in the Grotte des Écossaises, Hérault, France. Photo: Clive Westlake

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  • Pages: 40
  • Publication date: February 2016
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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