Descent (201)


Descent (201), April 2008

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Descent (201), April 2008

So Near Yet So Fawr

It’s been hard work, but a major depression in South Wales is finally yielding results.

Gear Review: Scurion Headlamp

Caver-designed and caver-built, how does the Scurion handle the dark?

Gentleman of the South

Mike Thompson’s name was not as prominent as that of some cavers, yet his caving life was inextricably linked with a broad sweep of UK exploration.

The Parallel Universe

There’s mud and there’s mud – at least, there seems to be enough to entirely fill an alternate, Parallel Universe in Notts Pot II, deep beneath Leck Fell.

Gear Review: Warmbac Daren Bag

A new tackle bag has been designed specifically to stand up to the rigours of Daren Cilau.

The Expeditions of 2008

Once again, British cavers are heading overseas; here’s the details of the year’s expeditions.

Caving’s Hour of Exercise

It’s part three of our major report on the annual caving conference, Hidden Earth 2007.

Malkins, Fairies and Hobthrushes

Also named for a wildcat, a pair of archaeologists and mythological beings, this is the cave of Moking Hurth revisited.

A Half-century Underground

A number of clubs have reached their half-century; it’s Oxford’s turn to commemorate its first fifty years underground with a trip back to their very first cave.

The Link with Link Pot

When members of the Red Rose CPC were asked to help produce a live television broadcast from within Link Pot, they rose to the challenge.

Cover: Jim Lister in The Eyehole in Pickering’s Passage, Peak Cavern. Photo: Richard Tooley

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