Descent (206)


Descent (206), February 2009

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Descent (206), February 2009

The Longest Caves

Cavers have always sought to set a record, be it to explore the planet’s deepest or longest. Yet, what – geologically speaking – controls how a long cave forms? Cave geologist of world renown Art Palmer takes us on a rocky trip to discover the answer.

For Fun and Revelations

Climbing Titan on ladders seems an odd way of having fun – but every caver will understand the thrill of discovery, as a new extension leads from the Titan Streamway into well-decorated voids.

A Wharfedale Weekend (Part 2)

Here is part two of our continuing report on the Hidden Earth 2008 conference.

Deep Down and Dirty

British expeditions to Cuetzalan in Mexico have seen their share of both exploration and controversy. With a cave rescue, politics and deportation now left far behind, it’s time for a new approach.

The Promised Land

From The Depths of Hades to Colosuss, the White Mountains of Crete provided plenty of shafts for the most recent SUSS expedition to explore.

Ireby from the Inside

‘North East Inlet crashed out of the roof, obliterating the passage – the river reminded me of the colossal Nare river cave in Papua New Guinea.’ So it was to experience a flooding Ireby Fell Cavern.

Jim’s Last Words

Caving raconteur Jim Eyre died in September 2008, leaving behind a wealth of outrageous stories and cartoons. We pay tribute to this unusual man of hidden talents, one of the last greats from a different era.

Cover: Tim Webber climbing the cascades in Titan Streamway. Photo: Rob Eavis

Back cover:
Katie Dent in The Narrow and Absolution in the newly discovered extension at the end of the Titan streamway. Photos: Robbie Shone

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