Descent (207)


Descent (207), April 2009

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Descent (207), April 2009

A Decade of Freedom

Post-war Britain was very different from our world, but while you ’ad to be ’ard to be a caver without today’s lightweight kit and leisure time, the 1950s was a decade of comparative freedom that engendered the best of exploration.

A Wharfedale Weekend (Part 3)

Here is part three of our continuing report on the Hidden Earth 2008 conference.

Almost a Hammer Horror

Give an inch and take a mile, so goes the saying. For Hammer Pot, it was a rumoured mile but, well, it has to be said that the breakthrough was somewhat shorter.

The Best Caving in the World

There was a clusterfaff and they partook of some of the best caving to be had anywhere. And there were celebrations and great joy for locals and cavers alike. The pig didn’t necessarily agree.

In a Hospitable Land

The caves of Iran have seen an upsurge in exploration in recent years not only by visiting teams but from local groups. Simon Brooks has been back to this astonishing country, where surveying continues apace.

The Rich History of Cango

For many years a heavily publicised showcave, Cango Cave in South Africa has seen many changes, from the production of an early colour photograph linked to the installation of electric lights – and once upon a time visitors were even issued with special ‘cave clothing’.

Cover: Serena Povia in Peak Cavern. Photo: Toby Speight

Back cover: Dan Hibberts in the newly re-entered Earth Leakage Chamber in Giant's Hole, with the breakthrough point at lower left. Photos: Rob Eavis


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