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Descent (254)


Descent (254), February 2017

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Descent (254), February 2017

Some Like it Tight

Another successful dig by White Rose cavers has been recorded for posterity: here is how Hagg Beck Sink was discovered.

Another Lascaux

After years of planning and millions of euros, a new and outstanding replica of Grotte de Lascaux, perhaps the world’s most famous painted cave, has opened.

Cave Science

Mendip's Ice Caves

You might not have noticed these formations, but they indicate a chilly past.

The Endless Abyss

We present not only an account of the latest deep shaft discoveries, but also how one was photographed and the impact on world rankings.

The Indomitable Chester

Stories about the one-legged Chester abound; we say farewell with just one more.

The Allure of Digging

Diggers, well, dig ... but here is a project that most would see as squalid, tight, miserable and, well, would you return year in, year out?

Cave Photography

A poetic nod to what a photography trip is all about

EuroSpeleo (the extras)

The EuroSpeleo report in December’s Descent drew praise, so here are a few more memories of this astounding event

Caption Competition

Valvasor's Living Speleothems ...

Turn the page for a chuckle and see if you won, and to find a new competition kicking off.

Write it Down!

Jungle Drums

How did Sylvester Pot receive its name?

Cover: Annie Guiraud in São Mateus II, Goiás, Brazil. Photo: Philippe Crochet
Back cover: Fine formations in Sandford Levvy, Mendip. Photos: Peter Towndrow

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