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Descent (255)


Descent (255), April 2017

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Descent (255), April 2017

The HOG Aassult

The Peak District has given up yet another of its secrets with the rediscovery of Hall’s Old Grove, a mine with a challenge.

One Hundred Entrances

A new area of Malaysian karst has been researched for the first time and over one hundred recorded entrances now await proper examination.

Choices Ahead

The British Caving Association is faced with several constitutional issues with respect to the campaign to see caving recognised as a right on open access land. Bob Mehew looks at the pros and cons in advance of the association’s AGM.

Life Under Earth

Microbes Make Caves

Explanations of how caves form was once so simple ... but modern research has moved the emphasis from geology to biology. In the first part of an important series of articles, Hazel Barton introduces us to the life found beneath the earth.

Cobbling It All Together

Hobnail Hole took a lot of perseverance to dig open and then attempt to link it with Thrupe Lane Swallet on Mendip – was the team successful?

A Visionary Researcher

John Gunn bids farewell to another stalwart of the caving community, Trevor Ford.

Caption Competition

The Mont Cenis Tunnel

Our latest competition draws to a close with some entertaining captions.

In Bond's Footsteps

It’s not so much ‘normal’ urban exploration; rather, this is exploration in remote tunnels where you can imagine someone uttering the phrase: ‘My name is Bond ...’

Write it Down!

Slainte, Farrell

Pam Fogg recalls times with Farrell McGourty and the friendly welcome he offered to passing cavers.

Cover: Paul Mackrill in Krem Mawpun, Meghalaya, India. Photo: Chris Howes
Back cover: The waterfall in the 52m deep entrance shaft of Pollnatagha, Co. Fermanagh. Photos: Rob Mulraney

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This issue is also available as part of the Life Under Earth set, collecting together Hazel Barton's cutting edge series on microbes and their part in speleogenesis.

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  • Publication date: April 2017
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