Descent (256)


Descent (256), June 2017

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Descent (256), June 2017

Adopted Son of Mendip

We say farewell to a caver embedded in Mendip caving and co-author of its guidebook, Tony Knibbs.

Life Under Earth

Bring on the Microbes

Hazel Barton continues her series on how microbes have helped to shape the passages we traverse, using sometimes unexpected food sources.

Mossdale. A survivor's story

It is barely possible to mention Mossdale Caverns without thinking of the loss that occurred there exactly fifty years ago. Yet, not every caver died that day.

Beyond Yorkshire Gold

A long series of expeditions have taken York University cavers ever deeper into Bunda Jama in Montenegro – indeed, their explorations have taken them to greater depths than Yorkshire Gold.

Write it Down!

Grave Superstition

Strange things have happened deep in the Gouffre Berger.

Cave Science

Opening Your Eyes to Cave Science

It might not always seem so, but the science of caves touches all of us and, in one way or another, every caver might become more involved in research that makes a difference.

Cover: Russ Brooks in Devis Hole Lead Mine Caves in Swaledale. Photo: Dave Ryall
Back cover: Iron caves in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Photos: Luciana Alt and Vitor Moura

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