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Descent (257)


Descent (257), August 2017

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Descent (257), August 2017

A Tale of Two Caves

A breakthrough in Hobnail Hole produced a problem with the route; this is how Mendip cavers fixed it.

Caving in the Wild West

The caves of the west coast of New Zealand are not only exciting and ripe for exploration, they are also stunningly beautiful.

Training to Train

You will probably have come across the acronyms LCMLA and CIC – so what do they represent and how might they benefit you?

Urban Cavers in Preston

Cavers will delve into any void that tantalises their curiosity, no less so than one underneath a drinking establishment.

Life Under Earth

Building With Life

In part three of her series on how microbes are inextricably linked with caves, Hazel Barton turns her attention to formations of many and varied kinds.

Holy Waters

Our explorers meet plenty of holy water on their way to the source of the Blue Nile.

Stretchers in the Sunshine

Over a gloriously hot weekend in South Wales, cavers gathered to discuss cave rescue.

Gear Review and Competition

Gerber Multi-plier

Gerber’s Suspension Multi-plier is on review, plus we have a competition to win one of these highly useful tools.

Cover:  Honeycomb Hill on the west coast of New Zealand. Photo: Neil Silverwood
Back cover: Martin Grass climbing out of Arête Chamber in St Cuthbert’s Swallet, one of Mark Burkey’s winning photos in the Mendip Cave Photography Competition, and Alan Purcell in Withyhill Cave by Dave Watts, one of the runners-up

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This issue is also available as part of the Life Under Earth set, collecting together Hazel Barton's cutting edge series on microbes and their part in speleogenesis.

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 48
  • Publication date: August 2017
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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