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Descent (259)


Descent (259), December 2017

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Descent (259), December 2017

Autumn Studies

It’s been a time for cavers to hold science and electronics meetings: BCRA and CREG's autumn gatherings.

The Creation of Twll Du

A new entrance has been opened into Ogof Draenen.

Seldom Sitting Still

We say farewell to Boyd Potts, a caver always active and supportive of others.

The Sharp End of Mulu

The Spirit of Ungap

The first of two linked articles about the 2017 expedition to Mulu takes us into the high-level passages of Creedence, a cave full of promise.

Mulu's Hidden Valley

Helicoptered into a remote area, the team is intent on following up known leads in the search for new passage.

Life Under Earth

To Boldly Go ...

Hazel Barton concludes her influential series on cave life: this is how microbes are slowly yielding their secrets.

The Stal of Dentdale

How fast does stal grow? Quite quickly, in Dentdale.

Back in the Pleistocene

Someone’s been getting very annoyed about the theft of some bones.

Gear Review

The FixnZip.

A handy device to repair a broken zip.

It's Not Ideal

For years cavers have tried for a connection to create a mile-deep system in the Dachstein.

Cover:  Lucy Greenwood in Curtain Chamber, St Cuthbert's Swallet. Photo: Stu Gardiner

Back cover: Cat Hulse and Luke Cafferty in Liberation, Wonder Cave, Mulu. Photo: Jeff Wade

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This issue is also available as part of the Life Under Earth set, collecting together Hazel Barton's cutting edge series on microbes and their part in speleogenesis.

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  • Publication date: December 2017
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