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Descent (100)


Descent (100), June 1991

Anniversary issue with eight extra pages

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Descent (100), June 1991, with eight extra pages

Candlelight in the Philippines

Philippine tourist literature refers to part of the island as ‘cave country’. This British expedition found it a rich area indeed.

Slaughter Stream Cave: The Forest Grows

Descent (99) brought news of a major discovery in the Forest of Dean: Slaughter Stream Cave had rocketed to 4km long. With exploration continuing, here is the geology and hydrology of the area plus a full description of the cave.

Pushing the Darkness

An interview with Martyn Farr on the even of a new publication from this renowned cave diver and author.

Viewpoint: The Euronorm

There are new EEC standards of construction requirements coming in, as reported in previous issues. Here, Nick Williams presents his opinions on the forthcoming changes.

What’s in a Name?

It’s also all change for the UK’s government departments that affect the countryside and, inevitably, our sport of caving. How are the offices altering by name and deed?

Caving in the Caucasus

Jim Birchall visits the Caucasus, a mountainous area of limestone near the Black Sea with the depth potential of over 2km.

Cwm Dwr II

In 1938 a cave in Cwm Dwr Quarry at Penwyllt in South Wales was discovered and named Cwm Dwr II. Lost over the years, it was found again in 1990 and successively pushed further. This is how exploration has proceeded.

Cave Detection by Air Temperature Variation

Where there is a cave entrance, the surrounding vegetation may be affected by the draughts of warm (or cold) air – and thus the flora can point to a new dig site where nothing is evident to the eye.

A Comedy of Errors

Or how a simple three-man SRT trip to the bottom of Alum Pot can take five hours.

Cover: A caver on ladder, the original cover illustration from Descent (1), and Grant Brennan in Cyclops Pot, Tasmania. Photo: David Stuckey

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 48
  • Publication date: June 1991
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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