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Descent (106)


Descent (106), June 1992

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Descent (106), June 1992

Lucky Escape: The Sleets Gill Rescue

In early March, the media was full of stories about two rescued cavers from Sleets Gill Cave – both had been discovered alive, despite the fact that the system was known to flood to the roof. The audacious rescue relied on diving both out; this is their story.

Background to BCRA

Paul Hatherley investigates BCRA’s position in the context of the history of the NCA.

BCRA Incident Report

The incidents of 1991.

Midsummer Night

With the height of summer comes a ghostly caving story.

Gear Review: Brock Helmet and Warmbac Seat Cover

A new caver-designed helmet is on the market, as is a seat cover to keep car upholstery separate from your muddy oversuit.

The Blaen Onneu Digging Machine

The northern extremities of Blaen Onneu Quarry Pot have repulsed hammer and bang alike, but what of the southern passages?

Cover: Steve Jones in Hagg Gill Pot. Photo: Gavin Newman

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  • Size: A4
  • Pages: 40
  • Publication date: June 1992
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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