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Descent (11)


Descent (11), March 1970


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Descent (11), March 1970

Moldywarps Find Underlines Promise of North Dales

There’s been a breakthrough in Ayleburn Mine Cave.

Telephone Power from Your Nife Cell

Taking another look at our hardware, Derek Appleing considers how a Nife cell might power underground communications.

Cave Projects Go it Alone

The Cave Projects Group has formed to take on specific tasks.

Upper Ribblesdale: New Access Arrangements

Several landowners have changed in the Dales, leading to a new set of access arrangements.

A Call to the North’s Anonymous Cavers

A new group, the NAC – that’s the Northern Association of Cavers, has been proposed to organise caving in north-east England.

Down Noon’s Hole, Traitor’s End

Noon’s Hole, named for an unlucky soul thrown down the shaft, sees a new examination.

Schiehallion Mountain Yields Secrets to Grampian

Prospecting the mountains and moors of Scotland, Grampian SG members have found a series of sites.

Cover: Caver in an entrance. Artwork: Tony Payne

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  • Binding: Card cover
  • Size: Small format: 16cm x 20cm approx.
  • Pages: 40 inc. cover
  • Publication date: March 1970
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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