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Descent (16) View larger

Descent (16)


Descent (16), January 1971


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Descent (16), January 1971

The Black Book

Rescue teams in northern England have a list of sites that they consider tight and difficult to extract a casualty from. They need help with suggestions on the best way forward!

The Hydraulic Sarong

On the hardware scene, a suggestion for combating accidental hypothermia.

Cavers Learn the Gentle Art of Bang

Sid Perou reports on a special course on the use of explosives.

Shaft Finds for W.S.G. in High Greece

Westminster SG members have bottomed a series of shafts in Greece.

LUSS Push Spain’s Cueva del Piscorciano

Alan Proctor writes about the latest Lancaster USS trip to northern Spain.

Expedition ‘Pleased’ with 200ft Pot

From the British expedition to the Himalayas comes news of the first big success.

Tassy Pot

A new Australian depth record has been set in Tasmania.

Iceland is Target for Shepton Mallet’s 21st Celebration

For the club’s coming of age, they’re off to Iceland on expedition.

P8: Attack on Sumps is Geared for Next Year

Attempts on the P8 sumps in the Peak have been repulsed so far – but the guys keep on trying!

Cover: At the lip of a shaft. Artwork: Tony Payne

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  • Binding: Card cover
  • Size: Small format: 16cm x 20cm approx.
  • Pages: 36 inc. cover
  • Publication date: January 1971
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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