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Descent (17) View larger

Descent (17)


Descent (17), May 1971


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Descent (17), May 1971

Croydon Make Their Screen Debut

Going Down in the World was not intended to be a caving documentary, but it does show a typical caving weekend. This is how Croydon CC members shot the footage.

Porth yr Ogof Death

Did vandals untie the vital belay line and cause cave diver Paul Esser’s death?

NCA Battles for Grant Status

The NCA is seeking Sports Council grant support – but the council doesn’t like the NCA constitution!

The Training Board – and Who’ll Be On It

With a cave leader’s certificate introduced by BACI, now someone has to run the scheme.

Jammed in Swildon’s for Ten Hours

A rescue from Swildon’s Hole in January was unusual: it’s not often that someone is that stuck in a squeeze.

12 Access Rules Now for Tunnel Cave

If you’re heading for Tunnel Cave in South Wales, there’s a bunch of new rules to comply with.

The Drill Rig: Its Role in Cave Rescue

How might a decent drill improve a casualty’s chances in a tight system?

Tassy Cavers’ Record Hopes for Depths of Khazad-Dum

Tasmanian cavers are pushing for yet more depth records.

Cover: Bridging a canal. Artwork: Tony Payne

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  • Binding: Card cover
  • Size: Small format: 16cm x 20cm approx.
  • Pages: 36 inc. cover
  • Publication date: May 1971
  • ISSN: 0046-0036
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