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Diving in Darkness
  • Diving in Darkness

Diving in Darkness


A manual of overhead environment diving in caves and mines, under ice and in wrecks, by Martyn Farr

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Diving in Darkness

From the cover

Diving in Darkness is the long-awaited, global guide to diving in an overhead environment by Martyn Farr. Written with a minimum of technical jargon, this book is a significant addition to the literature on the subject, with extensive coverage of those areas which are all too often passed over in more general works. It will dispel misconceptions and myths by providing a clear, concise and modern overview of the essential equipment, skills and techniques required to dive in caves, mines, wrecks and beneath ice.

With a foreword by cave diver Jill Heinerth, Diving in Darkness covers equipment, line-laying techniques, communication and air management; indeed, every aspect of the sport, with appendices on special situations in wrecks and beneath ice. Diving in Darkness contains the distillation of more than thirty years of experience gained by a master practitioner and will prove invaluable to all divers who wish to extend their horizons into this exciting arena.

For the companion title: Classic Darksite Diving

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Martyn Farr
17.5cm x 25cm
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Over 165 photographs and diagrams in colour
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Companion volume to Classic Darksite Diving



1     The Overhead Environment
2     Equipment
3     Lights
4     Guidelines
5     Air Management
6     Considering Depth
7     Stress
8     Dive Planning
9     Techniques
10   Emergencies
11   Advanced Techniques
12   A Final Comment

A     Further Reading
B    Training Organisations
C    Calculating Gas Requirements
D    Ice Diving
E    Wreck Diving
F    Glossary


From the cover:

Award-winning author of the internationally acclaimed book The Darkness Beckons, Martyn Farr first entered a cave in 1961, an adventure which sparked a lifelong drive to explore the inner earth. He turned to cave diving as the last great frontier in 1970 and is now well known for his cave explorations throughout the world. He continues to push into the unknown from his base in South Wales, UK, where he trains divers in the overhead environment.

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